Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday

This year we joined 5 other families in a Good Friday event. The Dees, Webers, Sheffields, Boyds, Coulters, and Zellners came together with the goal of having some 'ceremonial' type activities and explanations that emphasize the crucifixion and death of Jesus. As well as community worship, we definitely had our kids in mind -wanting to draw clear lines for them from Christmas to Easter, and communicate (the best we could) the overwhelming significance of this Sunday's celebration.

The flow of the evening went like this:

Kick-Off ~

Nate gathered the kids together, did a Crucifixion reading and gave a short explanation of the evening.

Dinner ~

Sheff developed the lamb and blood imagery and and told the story of the Exodus. We ate roasted lamb and drank copious portions of wine.

Tree Burning ~

Mitch talked about the connection between the incarnation and crucifixion, what Christmas has to do with Easter. Then, we burned a Christmas tree to symbolically bring this into view.

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