Friday, April 17, 2009

Whipped or Smoked?

Last night Addison overheard me talking to a friend who asked how Addison's team did in their tee-ball season opener.

I told my friend "Our team got smoked by a MUCH better team."

Addison then hurriedly interrupted, "No dad, Coach said we only got whipped."

I didn't have he heart to tell him that those are synonymous adjectives that describe what happens when the other team "run rules" you every inning (This is where the umpire simply declares the inning over because one defense cannot stop the other team from constantly scoring), and your team's total times on base for the game is 4.

I honestly think that the other team's 1st grader First Baseman did as good a job as I personally could have done. As I watched this kid move to the ball and throw perfectly to home plate after every consecutive out, I was convinced this child had been conceived, birthed, and raised on the field.

Well, Addison got to bat once and killed the ball off the first swing. He bolted to first He ended up scoring, but while he was on that base I saw him say something to that first base prodigy.

There is, of course, no possibility that he said the things I imagined him saying.

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